I managed to strip one of the four 1.5mm titanium screws used to hold down the cover for the transmission cover.  I know, I know. But I did. I tried super gluing an Allen key into the screw’s head, but it was no good. Actually, it just didn’t dry completely I think. 

 It’s hard to see it in there. Should have used a macro lens. I headed down to Bunnings to browse the tool section, searching  for some likely looking tools. I got myself a 2mm screw extractor, a 1mm drill bit and a triangle file. I had a couple of ideas about how to get the sucka out.  I started with the simplest.

The screw head poked out slightly from the side of the housing, so I used the triangle file and carved a slot into the side of the screw head. Then a got the screwdriver, located the flathead in the slot, then tapped it with the hammer. Once it had moved around far enough, I cut another groove into the side and tapped it again with the screwdriver and hammer. 

It worked out quite well. Above you can see the number of slots cut into the side. It’s actually quite a small screw: