Went out driving our RC cars today with Josh. Took a bunch of photos. Here’s a selection.

First up we have Josh about to nose dive into the ground:


Next, we have Josh jumping my Baldre off the track.


I should add that jumping off the track was a very common occurrence. After the race track we headed back to the BMX track & half pipe. I really enjoy driving on gravel surface – very slippery and you’re often sideways. It could also be that it seems to be the only surface that I manage to beat Josh on. Josh has an edge over me on packed dirt and asphalt.


The Half-Pipes are so much fun, but a breakage is likely. Here’s Josh getting his car off the ground:


Not to be out done:


And lastly, I had to break my car. Again. Luckily I guessed this might happen and had replacement parts on the ready.


What I didn’t expect was the pin which holds that part to the car bending. After much straining with a Leatherman, we got the pin straight enough to put everything back together.