Hi Guys,

I’ll preface this email by saying I’m a long time Virgin mobile user and I’ve always been very happy with the value and service I’ve received. However, I just got myself an iPhone to connect to the Virgin network. I’ve added the $15 / 1GB browsing option (again, excellent value), but after talking to your help line, I’m surprised to learn the cost of exceeding my quota. It’s beyond excessive: it’s ludicrous. 1.5 cents per KB works out to $15.36 for 1 MB and $15,728.64 for 1 GB.

15 bucks for the first GB, over 15 thousand bucks for the second GB. Crazy!

As outrageous as that is, it gets worse. When looking to see how I could manage my usage, I see that the online “Mobile Browsing Usage” claims “Amounts shown are estimates only, and may not include last 2 days usage”. So, watching a few too many YouTube Videos will likely end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Your helpdesk people told me there is no way to be automatically alerted to my impending exhaustion of quota / bankruptcy.

My Three mobile broadband modem costs 10c / MB for excess usage. Compared to Virgin’s $15 / MB, Virgin is 150x more expensive.

Before I start researching my move to Three, Optus or Vodafone, does Virgin have any plans to fix this problem? For example, your mobile broadband package is brilliant – throttled web access! Hit your quota and be throttled down to dial up speeds is an great idea. Why can’t we have this with our mobile phone broadband plans?

Hope to hear from you,