I spent several hours yesterday fighting with RubyGems – I’d even written a vitriolic post about it – but I … did something … and bam, like that it was gone. RubyGem is Ruby’s version of Perl’s CPAN. It’s got a very annoying trait – its prodigious use of memory. For each gem ( a gem is a Ruby module – like rails or hpricot for example ) RubyGem would load the spec into memory in order ( I’m guessing after reading a bunch of forum posts ) to build a dependency tree. On a 256MB slice host, this pushes you into swap hell. On a 512MB host it would use up to 68% of memory.

So what can you do but rent a bigger slicehost? Moe Sizlack said it best: “I’m choking on my own rage over here!”

Naturally, it’s been fixed. Today.

If only I’d done something more constructive yesterday. Like played COD.