So, I was watching Enemies Of Reason and had an idea I’m sure is not original. Start up a new Homeopathy business selling a new “Super Homepathic” cure all. Advertise the liquid as having the memory of all known substances which cause human ailment. Sell 20ml bottles of distilled water for $50 a pop.

According to Richard Dawkins, in a cup of water, at least one molecule will have passed through the bladder of Oliver Cromwell. From this, it can be inferred (don’t worry about proof) that in a 20ml bottle of water, at least one molecule of the liquid has been in proximity to a substance which causes human ailment during some point in its lifetime (the Earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years or so old – so this is a reasonable assumption). It’s spent the intervening time becoming more dilute, yet maintaining the “Memory” of this substance.

In order to be taken seriously, it needs to be expensive. It’s not any old crap after all – it’s “Super Homepathic” medicine. $50 a pop is within reach of most people, but pricey enough that you’ll feel awe whilst imbibing it. The stronger the awe, the better the placebo effect, the better the “cure”!

To assuage the guilt, on all shipping bottles we’ll say “Should be used in conjunction with accepted medical treatment.”

If someone cries foul, we’ll suggest a double blind test with other Homepathic cures. Check. Mate.