I was contacted by a chap from The Nile to let me know that they not only have an Affiliate program I could join, but they have an API to access their site! I’ve spent the last couple of days adding the affiliate links. You’ll see that several stores now appear to link to clixGalore – but fear not, the links will still get you to the page you’re after.

You’ll also notice there’s now a new store to search – The Nile. It’s the fastest of the search engines by a considerable margin. ( Which isn’t really fair – at least one of the sites which is searched is just a fancy screen scraper.)

Additionally, I’ve cleaned up the CSS and layout some. Hopefully you won’t have the horizontal scroll bar on your browser, regardless of how wide you open the window.

You’ll also notice that there’s a context sensitive help message in the top right-hand corner. This should make it clear what you can do at which ever page you happen to be on.

Try out the updated Booko and let me know what you think.

EDIT: Added a tool tip style mouse over for the Most Popular/Recent list so you can see the full title. Thanks to Niall & Riina for their help & ideas.