I added fragment caching to Booko the other day. I’ve added caching to four sections, the Recent Searchs, Most Popular, Shopping Cart and the section which displays the prices of a book.

Now, instead of calculating the most popular books every time someone views a page, we look to see if that part of the site has been created recently – if it has, use it again. The Shopping cart is another good example – it only changes when you add or remove a book from it. Now Booko avoids having to calculate the cost of your shopping trolley at all shops every time you view a page – it regenerates that part of the page only when you add or remove a book.

Kinda wishing I’d bench marked it before and after. I think it’s faster now – but that’s because I’m looking for it. It feels snappier. Anyway – let me know what you think, faster or slower?