Well, not that new. Got it just before Christmas.

I picked it up on Wednesday after work ( The Wednesday before Christmas ), then returned it on Thursday morning. The camera didn’t detect the lens was attached. I took it into Michael’s on Elizabeth street where I’d bought it and was being helped by a competent sales assistant when his manager swanned over and said

“Ohhh, I don’t think a lens like that will work on that cheapo camera.”

Ha! Since I wanted what ever was busted replaced immediately, I took a positive approach.

“Oh I’m sure it does – I’ve read reviews on the internet”

He then proceeded to check with some other guys if the lens would work with the camera, to which they all said “Yes – of course.”. Turns out it was a faulty camera, which they replaced immediately.

Anyways, aside from that unpleasantness, I’m enjoying having an SLR. I upgraded my flickr account to a pro account, but it’s also spurred me to continue writing photoKing.