Apparently, family values are being threatened!

THE State Government is indulging in social engineering in giving lesbians and single women access to fertility treatment, giving lesbian partners legal recognition as parents and allowing surrogate mothers, the leader of a Jewish, Christian and Muslim committee said yesterday.

Heaven’s above! Whatever shall we do! Who’s responsible for this degradation of the moral fabric of our time?

Rabbi Shimon Cowen said planned changes announced by Attorney-General Rob Hulls before Christmas showed that secularists had hijacked fundamental values and were changing accepted morals.

Bloody secularists. Next thing they’ll be telling us that owning slaves is “wrong” and that “gays” should be allowed to walk the street with you and me.

This is a text book example of religion retarding the advancement of society. A bunch of old men who’ve climbed the “holier than thou” ladder of internal church politics presume to tell us that we’re not living by the standards of their sacred books.