I ordered a box set of DVDs for mum for Christmas. When I ordered them the site told me that it should be delivered before December 24th – but as this was an international delivery, the estimate jumped up to December 28th. I don’t remember if this new delivery date was shown to me before I paid for the DVDs, but it was certainly there after payment. Well, that was a little disappointing, but not completely unreasonable.

The 28th came and went with no DVDs delivered, so on the 6th of Jan, I emailed Amazon to ask where my package was, as it still hadn’t arrived. They agreed that something must have gone wrong and immediately, without question, shipped another £50 box set of DVDs to me. Excellent customer service there.

Naturally, the day after the DVDs were dispatched, the original set arrived. Then a week later, the second set arrived here. I logged on to Amazon, resolved to do the right thing and return the DVD set. If they were good enough to send me an extra set, I’ll would return the package. Turns out, on the page to print a return slip, there was no adequate category for “A replacement package for an item which arrived late”. So I emailed Amazon to ask what to do, and how I would be reimbursed for shipping. Here’s the response ( trimmed down )

As the cost of returning the package is in this case prohibitively
expensive, we ask that you keep the replacement with our
compliments. Perhaps you would like to donate it to a charity in
your area if you feel it would be appropriate to do so.

That represents some excellent customer service. I makes me completely confident that anything I order from Amazon will arrive, and that if it doesn’t, they’ll replace it, no questions asked. No doubt people take advantage of this, but hopefully Amazon will continue to assume the best of its customers.