With Riina’s family being in Finland and us not, Christmas will be in Nangiloc this year. Normally this means it’ll be a hot, dry Midwinter Solstice, but the drive from Melbourne to Charlton was enhanced with constant rain. ( I like driving in the rain – probably puts me in a minority I suspect ) About an hour before we got to Charlton ( the halfway point ), the rain really started coming down. Visibility was less than 100 meters and cars were pulling over to wait it out. At one point, cars with their headlights on would disappear until the wipers cleared some rain.
Then, suddenly, it stopped, and the sky cleared. There was debris all over the road from where water had flooded across bringing sticks, dirt and leaves. The road was completely covered in water in places.

As we approached Colignan, the sun was setting, making for some beautiful red/ orange / purple skies.

I couldn’t pick a favourite, so here’s another:

There’s another of dark skies and a wheat paddock on my Flickr page – taken at 110 km/h from the car. Worked out quite nicely. ( Riina took it! )