I’ve updated Booko to have a default new search engine: fishpond.com.au. Thanks to Tim Evans for finding bugs in it immediately.

Unlike Amazon, Fishpond ( or any Australian bookstore as far as I can tell ) don’t provide an interface for searching their site. Fishpond take the inconvenience one step further by not providing a standard way of finding a book by ISBN. You have to search for the ISBN, then get the Fishpond ID of the book. ( BTW – searching for an ISBN can return multiple results – the same book, but often with different prices. Apparently it’s due to having multiple suppliers for the same book. ) Aside from these annoying bits, Fishpond seems to have a very complete listing. They have an associate program too, so sending traffic to their sites may provide some return.

So, I wrote a searching module for Fishpond. Let me know if you find bugs.