I seem to be posting quite a bit about religion lately. I don’t think it’s on purpose, it’s just that there seems to be lots of stuff to write about. For those of you who don’t know, Gardasil, is a drug which provides vaccination for the human papillomavirus. The virus is responsible for a large percentage of cervical cancer cases and can also be responsible for genital warts, so it’s eradication is important and highly desirable. Some time ago we heard on the telly, that whack-job Americans were refusing to allow their daughters to be vaccinated because, apparently, they fear their daughters were more likely to become sexually active if they were immune to the human papillomavirus.

I know, I know, crazy Americans. Well, turns out we have our own share of Christian parents who’d rather their daughters were vulnerable to cancer than be vaccinated against an STD. Let me rephrase that – they prefer to risk their daughters to cervial cancer, rather than risk them having pre-marital sex.

Even worse, to effectively eradicate a disease like this, all women need to be vaccinated. Not only are these parents more concerned with their daughter’s coital activity than their risk of cancer, they’re putting the rest of the community at greater risk of infection. This is amazingly selfish and hypocritical behaviour.

Vaccinations such as these should be mandatory.