It’ll be time soon to move to a real host. My single 1GHz CPU with 750MB of RAM was a good starting point, put it’s really not up to snuff. And by real of course I mean a VPS host. Which is new hotness. Real hosts are old and busted.

I’ve gone with Gentoo of course, being the Ricer than I am. -O99 and all that. I should probably have gone with Debian Etch. It is the OS I work with as a professional and lets face it, way faster to install. On the other hand, the new host, being at the bottom of the list of the VPS on offer at my host ( ), it has only 256MB of RAM – so the obvious optimisation is clearly -Os. Which no doubt will make a huge difference. To avoid pushing into swap, it’s running on 4 mongrel instances – which should probably be just fine for the time being.

It’s address is – let me know what you think of performance.