Sometimes we pay more for stuff in Australia. It’s a small market and we’re a first world country with a high standard of living. But sometimes, this premium seems totally unjustified such as when comparing prices we pay for Books , to prices in the US or even the UK – a country with a higher cost of living. It’s often cheaper to buy a book from Amazon in the US or UK and have it shipped here, than drop into your local bookstore.

And I enjoy reading. I try to squeeze as much reading as I can into my life, I tend to buy a couple of a books at a time when the mood strikes me. Whenever I buy books, I wonder if I’m getting the best deal – I’ve never been bothered to find a good Australian book site with good prices – it’s just so much work logging into every site and comparing them all. Then figuring out the shipping, then wondering if I should just get in the car and drive to the shops. Should I factor fuel, parking and time into the cost if I do that? Does all the work make up for the postage? How much time have I spent weighing these options already?

So, what’s the point of learning the latest fad web development environment if you can’t knock together a quick and easy website to scratch that itch? So, I built Bookie – a website that compares Amazon (US/UK) with the first Australian online bookstores which came up in a Google search. I’ve even gone and gotten me some Amazon Associate accounts to possible make a tiny bit of cold hard cash. It’s a bit buggy, but that’s ok – send me an email if you can make it crash.